How exercise helps pain.

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Great post by @the_raphaelbender!!!When we give someone an exercise and their pain improves afterwards, it’s easy to assume their improvement in pain is a result of better biomechanics.

Surprisingly there is very minimal evidence for this.

What’s MUCH more likely, is that exercise helps pain by some combination of more systemic effects, including:

•Reducing systemic inflammation
•Releasing endorphins
•Increasing neuroplasticity
•Promoting tissue remodeling
•Increasing self-efficacy
•Improving mental health
•Providing social support
•Building expectation of recovery
•Enabling return to valued activities

All of these (and there are more) are general, not specific effects of exercise. In other words it doesn’t really matter WHICH exercise you do. They all help.

So what’s the best exercise for pain?

The one you:
* Enjoy
* Find most accessible
* Expect will help
Thanks @modernpaincare


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