“Under bare Benbulben’s Head”

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It’s #TravelTuesday and today we are “Under bare Benbulben’s Head” at Gortarowey in north County Sligo and the Benbulben Forest Walk. A beautiful series of walks with some spectacular views of one of Ireland’s most famous mountains. Just 20 minutes from Bundoran! For more ideas of what to do in the area, check out the link in bio.⁠

Yoga principles can help us realign the business world


5 hours ago

“If we dig deeper, we find that yoga philosophy offers profound insights for how business could be built better, for a world in which the goal of profit maximization looks very small against the challenges of climate change, inequality, and loss of trust.”

Yoga principles can help us realign the business world

The worlds of yoga and work ought to be—perhaps urgently, desperately need to be—in touch with one another.